The World is Made of Stories - Praise



128 pages, 5 x 8 inches


ISBN 9780861716159

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ISBN 9780861719259

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The World Is Made of Stories is about the Master Story; how we are its telling, untelling, and retelling. David R. Loy delivers freedom straight-up in a delightful, variegated collection of wisdom quotes and commentaries. This book is great fun.”—Barry Magid, author of Ending the Pursuit of Happiness

“Drawing on a broad range of religious and secular sources, David Loy's compelling story about stories reveals through a series of clear and penetrating reflections the inescapable presence of narrative in human life.”—Stephen Batchelor, author of Confession of a Buddhist Atheist

“In this slender but powerful book Loy draws the reader's attention to the power of words. He shows how stories have spoken us into existence, how each of us story the world into existence, and how these different stories inform and transform themselves, each other, and us. I consider Loy one of the most important spiritual thinkers of our day.”—James Ishmael Ford, author of Zen Master WHO?

“An inspired, sustained, poetic, and not-quite-linear contemplation of the nature of mind. David R. Loy leads a merry, twisting chase.”—Kate Wheeler, editor of Nixon Under the Bodhi Tree

“Please handle carefully! Some readers may be profoundly unnerved by this book, others will find it deeply liberating-no one, I think, will go away unchanged.”—Kurt Spellmeyer, author of Buddha at the Apocalypse

“Loy’s book is like the self: layer after layer peels away, and the center is empty. But the pleasure is exactly in the exploration. The World is Made of Stories is at once Loy’s most accesible and most philosophical work. Is this a “Buddhist” book? I’m not sure—or sure it matters. While Loy’s earlier writing is about dharma, this book speaks dharma.”—Alan Senauke for Buddhadharma