The Way to Buddhahood

Instructions from a Modern Chinese Master


416 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861711338

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eBook Bundle (PDF, epub, mobi)


ISBN 9780861716876

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“This fine translation is a most welcome addition to the small English language archives of modern Chinese Buddhism. It plots a course for Buddhism’s future development that will allow its robust engagement with the modern world without forcing the severance of its traditional roots.”—Robert M. Gimello, Professor of East Asian Languages and Culture, University of Notre Dame

Mon, 01/21/2013 - 12:35 -- wisdom

The Way to Buddhahood is a compendium of two thousand years of Chinese practice in assimilating and understanding the Buddhist experience of enlightenment. It is the first in-depth explanation of Chinese Buddhism by Yin-shun, the greatest living master of the Chinese scholar-monk tradition. The master's broad scope not only includes the traditional Chinese experience but also ideas from the Tibetan monastic tradition. This is one of those rare classic books that authentically captures an entire Buddhist tradition between its covers.