Tibetan Buddhism from the Ground Up - Preface

A Practical Approach for Modern Life


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The following is an edited version of a series of lectures I gave in Seattle, Washington in 1988 beginning with the most basic teachings of Tibetan Buddhism and progressing gradually to more subtle theories and advanced practices. These lectures were intended as a practical introduction to Buddhism, based on my own studies, experience, and teachings I had received over the past eighteen years from teachers from all four orders of Tibetan Buddhism. Two of these lectures, appearing here as Chapters Ten and Eleven, are based on Buddhist writings preserved in the Pali language. Although these writings are not part of the Tibetan tradition, they are compatible with it, and I have drawn on them because of their exceptional usefulness and clarity.

This book is not designed as an academic introduction to Tibetan Buddhism, but rather as a straightforward guide to practice. I am hoping it will be accessible and helpful to a broad reading public, especially to those with no background in Buddhism at all.

I would like to thank my many friends in Seattle who transcribed these lectures, especially Pauly Fitze. I would also like to express my gratitude to Michael Bristol, Stuart and Sandy Baird, and Grace Watson, who have contributed to my work so generously over the years.

I would also like to thank Steven Wilhelm, a professional journalist and long-time friend, without whom this work might never have been brought to completion. During 1989, I did the initial editing of the transcripts of the first nine lectures, and Steven further polished this work. Transcripts of the final seven lectures were initially edited by Steven Wilhelm, then I edited further the entire manuscript. Finally, I am most grateful to Connie Miller and Vincent and Maria Montenegro at Wisdom Publications for their excellent work on the manuscript.

I hope the personal style of this book will provide enjoyable and meaningful reading for those interested in understanding Tibetan Buddhism in the context of the modern world.


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