Reason’s Traces - Table of Contents

Identity and Interpretation in Indian and Tibetan Buddhist Thought


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List of Illustrations
A Note Concerning History and Chronology    
Introduction: What Is “Buddhist Philosophy”?

I: Situating the Self

1. Personal Identity in a Comparative Perspective    
2. Indra’s Search for the Self and the Beginnings of Philosophical Perplexity in India
3. Missing Persons: the Inapprehensible “I”
    Appendix: A Tibetan Comment on Sister Vajirā’s Chariot
4. Synthetic Selves
5. The Sensualist, the Sage, and the Dancing Girl’s Brow: Personal Identity and Self-Cultivation
6. Śāntarakṣita on the Fallacies of Personalistic Vitalism

II: Reality and Reason

7. Mereological Considerations in Vasubandhu’s “Proof of Idealism”
    Appendix: Viṃśatikā, 11–15, The Proof of Idealism
8. The Trouble with Truth: Heidegger on Alḗtheia, Buddhist Thinkers on Satya    
    Appendix: The Legacy of the Two Truths beyond India    

III: The Study of Tantrism

9. Scholastic Buddhism and the Mantrayāna
    Appendix: Bhāvaviveka on Dhāraṇī

10. Weaving the World: The Ritual Art of the Paṭa in Pāla Buddhism and Its Legacy in Tibet
11. Schopenhauer’s Śakti

IV: Doctrinal Interpretation in Tibet

12. From Kun-mkhyen Dol-po-pa to ’Ba’-mda’ Dge-legs: Three Jo-nang-pa Masters on the Interpretation of the Prajñāpāramitā
13. Mipham’s Theory of Interpretation

V: Philosophical Texts in Translation

14. Vasubandhu and the Nyāya Philosophers on Personal Identity
I Vasubandhu’s Treatise on the Negation of the Person
II Vātsyāyana and Uddyotakara on the Aphorisms of Reason
15. Abhayākaragupta on the Two Truths

    Canonical Collections and Catalogues
    Sanskrit and Pali References
    Tibetan References
    Western Language References

    Index of Personal Names    
    Index of Subjects and Technical Terms    
    Index of Texts