Kindfulness - Preface

Mindfulness is not enough...



184 pages, 4.5x6.5 inches


ISBN 9781614291992

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An ancient teaching says that by looking after oneself, one looks after others—and by looking after others, one looks after oneself. Kindfulness, the subject of this small book, is a wonderful way to bring this truth into our lives.

Through stories and direct instruction, I’ll introduce you to kindfulness and teach you a powerful method of being kindfully present to what I call “the beautiful breath.” This practice unfolds gradually over time, and I’ll talk in detail about each of the five stages through which that happens—and the subtle ways we can practice awareness more and more kindfully in each stage. Meeting the beautiful breath with a spirit of loving presence is a part of practicing kindfulness that strengthens our ability to look after ourselves—and by kindfully looking after our own minds, we become more able to become a kindful force for good in the world.

Then, in the next part of this book, we’ll turn our attention to kindful loving, the practice of opening wide the doors to our hearts. This practice also unfolds in five stages, and I’ll offer guidance for each one, as we gradually generate kindfulness in our hearts and cultivate an ability to let it radiate, outward and unbounded, over the entire world. Kindful loving is a powerful way to care for others—and I’m certain you’ll discover for yourself that through kindfully caring for others, your own life will become more and more wonderful, more and more beautiful.