Emptiness - Foreword

A Practical Guide for Meditators

If everything is empty, then what ceases in Nirvana and is born in rebirth? Guy Armstrong tackles this question and more in this richly informed, practical guide to emptiness for the meditator.



328 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9781614293637

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ISBN 9781614293798

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IN THIS REMARKABLE BOOK, Guy Armstrong guides the reader through the
foundational realizations necessary to explore the profound truth of emptiness
and the increasingly subtle understandings of its deeper meanings.
For thousands of years, different Buddhist schools have highlighted aspects
of the path to freedom, each reflecting the liberating insights of its own particular
tradition—and from time to time, there have been great masters who
have seen what is held in common by many of these schools and woven together
paths of practice that integrate elements from each of them. Guy’s eminently
practical and deeply investigative work follows in this nonsectarian tradition,
weaving together teachings from the Pali Canon, the writings of Chinese and
Japanese Zen masters, and the great Tibetan lineage-holders. He does this so
skillfully that in the very reading of the book we are led to a more comprehensive
understanding of the path and the various skillful means needed for its fruition.
What makes this book so user-friendly is its nondogmatic presentation of
views. While referencing different points of controversy among the various Buddhist
schools, Guy’s approach remains pragmatic: How do these teachings help
to liberate the mind? With this wonderfully clear book he invites us to consider
and practice different approaches, all of which lead to our own deepening and
freeing realization of the nature of awareness and its intrinsic emptiness—and to
the manifestation of compassion in our lives.
Joseph Goldstein