Dreaming in the Lotus - Table of Contents

Buddhist Dream Narrative, Imagery, and Practice


320 pages, 6 x 9 inches


ISBN 9780861711581

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Part One: Indo-Tibetan Dreaming

  1. Dreams, Religion, and Sacred Biography
    Dreams in World Religions
    Dreams in Buddhist Sacred Biography
    Elite versus Popular Views of Dreaming
    The Psychoanalytic Study of Dreams

  2. Dreams in the Biographies of the Buddha
    Queen Māyās Dream
    The Dreams of the Buddha
    The Dreams of Others

  3. Early Buddhist Dream Theory
    Pali Texts
    The Aśokāvadāna
    The Śārdūlakarṇāvadāna
    Buddhist Understandings of the Self and Consciousness

  4. Dreams in Indo-Tibetan Buddhism
    Indigenous Practices
    Buddhist Influences in Tibet
    Medical Texts

Part Two: Continuity of Dream Material

  1. Conception Dreams

  2. Shared Dreams

  3. Dreams as Signs of Spiritual Accomplishment
    The Buddha
    Milarepa and His Disciples
    The Ability to Interpret Dreams

Part Three: Innovations in Dream Material

  1. Dream Yoga
    Dreams and Religious Innovation
    The Six Yogas
    Practice in Tibet

  2. Ritual Dreaming
    Sought Dreams
    Rituals to Counteract Bad Dreams
    Dream Rituals from the Kangyur and Tangyur

  3. Gender in Indo-Tibetan Dreaming
    Women and Female Deities in Men's Dreams
    Women Dreamers
    Dreams, Death, and Women


Appendix: Lucid Dreaming



Texts and Translations

Secondary Sources