The Connected Discourses of the Buddha - Selections

A Translation of the Saṃyutta Nikāya


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Part I: The Book with Verses (Sagāthāvagga)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. Devatāsaṃyutta: Connected Discourses with Devatās
I. A Reed
II. Nandana
III. A Sword
IV. The Satullapa Host
V. Ablaze
VI. Old Age
VII. Weighed Down
VIII. Having Slain

Chapter 4. Mārasaṃyutta: Connected Discourses with Māra
I. The First Subchapter (Life Span)
II. The Second Subchapter (Rulership)
III. The Third Subchapter (The Māra Pentad)

Chapter 5. Bhikkhunīsaṃyutta: Connected Discourses with Bhikkhunīs

Chapter 11. Sakkasaṃyutta: Connected Discourses with Sakka
I. The First Subchapter (Suvīra)
II. The Second Subchapter (The Seven Vows)
III. The Third Subchapter (Sakka Pentad)

Part II. The Book of Causation (Nidānavagga)

Table of Contents

Chapter 12. Nidānasaṃyutta: Connected Discourses on Causation
I. The Buddhas
II. Nutriment
III. The Ten Powers
IV. The Kaḷāra Khattiya
V. The Householder
VI. Suffering (or The Tree)
VII. The Great Subchapter
VIII. Ascetics and Brahmins
IX. With Incorporated Repetition Series

Chapter 16. Kassapasaṃyutta: Connected Discourses with Kassapa

Chapter 21. Bhikkhusaṃyutta: Connected Discourses with Bhikkhus 

Part III. The Book of the Aggregates (Khandhavagga)

Table of Contents

Chapter 22. Khandhasaṃyutta: Connected Discourses on the Aggregates
   Division I. The Root Fifty
I. Nakulapitā
II. Impermanent
III. The Burden
IV. Not Yours
V. With Yourselves as an Island
  Division II. The Middle Fifty
I. Engagement
II. Arahants
III. Being Devoured
IV. The Elders
V. Flowers

Part IV. The Book of the Six Sense Bases (Saḷāyatanavagga)

Table of Contents

Chapter 35. Saḷāyatanasaṃyutta: Connected Discourses on the Six Sense Bases
   Division I. The Root Fifty
I. The Impermanent
II. The Pairs
III. The All
IV. Subject to Birth
V. Impermanent
   Division II. The Second Fifty
I. Ignorance
II. Migajāla
III. Sick
IV. Channa
V. The Sixes
   Division III. The Third Fifty
I. Secure from Bondage
II. The World and Cords of Sensual Pleasure
III. The Householder
IV. Devadaha
V. New and Old
   Division IV. The Fourth Fifty
III. The Ocean
IV. The Vipers

Chapter 36. Vedanāsaṃyutta: Connected Discourses on Feeling
I. With Verses
II. Alone
III. The Theme of the Hundred and Eight

Chapter 43. Asaṅkhatasaṃyutta: Connected Discourses on the Unconditioned
I. The First Subchapter
II. The Second Subchapter

Chapter 44. Abyākatasaṃyutta: Connected Discourses on the Undeclared

Part V. The Great Book (Mahāvagga)

Table of Contents

Chapter 45. Maggasaṃyutta: Connected Discourses on the Path
I. Ignorance
II. Dwelling
III. Wrongness
IV. Practice
V. Wanderers of Other Sects
VI. The Sun Repetition Series
VII. One Thing Repetition Series (1)
VIII. One Thing Repetition Series (2)
IX. First Ganges Repetition Series
X. Second Ganges Repetition Series
XI. Third Ganges Repetition Series
XII. Fourth Ganges Repetition Series
XIII. Diligence
XIV. Strenuous Deeds
XV. Searches
XVI. Floods

Chapter 46. Bhojjhaṅgasaṃyutta: Connected Discourses on the Factors of Enlightenment
I. The Mountain
II. Ill
III. Udāyī
IV. The Hindrances
V. Wheel-Turning Monarch
VI. Discussions

Chapter 47. Satipaṭṭhānasaṃyutta: Connected Discourses on the Establishments of Mindfulness
I. Ambapālī
II. Nālandā
III. Virtue and Duration
IV. Unheard Before
V. The Deathless
VI. Ganges Repetition Series
VII. Diligence
VIII. Strenuous Deeds
IX. Searches
X. Floods

Chapter 56. Saccasaṃyutta: Connected Discourses on the Truths
I. Concentration
II. Setting in Motion the Wheel of the Dhamma
III. Koṭigāma
IV. The Siṃsapā Grove
V. The Precipice