The Arts of Contemplative Care - Table of Contents

Pioneering Voices in Buddhist Chaplaincy and Pastoral Work


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ISBN 9780861716647

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Preface (Pat Enkyo O’Hara)
Foreword (Judith Simmer-Brown)    
Editors’ Preface (Cheryl A. Giles and Willa B. Miller)

I. The Roots of Contemplative Care: Foundations of a Discipline

Toward a Definition of Buddhist Chaplaincy
Jennifer Block           

Cultivating an Appropriate Response: Educational Foundations for Buddhist Chaplains and Pastoral Care Providers
Daijaku Judith Kinst

Meditation Is Not Enough
Wakoh Shannon Hickey      

SPOT: A Training Program for Buddhists in America
Lew Richmond and Grace Schireson          

Beyond the Color Line: Cultivating Fearlessness in Contemplative Care
Cheryl Giles

II. Serving the Sick: The Arts of Hospital Chaplaincy

The Four Noble Truths as a Framework for Contemplative Care
Trudi Jinpu Hirsch   

Buddhist Chaplaincy in a Christian Context: A Personal Journey
Mark Power  

The Turning of the Dharma Wheel in Its Many Forms
Robert Chodo Campbell

Widening the Circle: Engaged Bodhichitta in Hospital Chaplaincy
Chris Berlin

The Jeweled Net: What Dogen and the Avatamsaka Sutra Can Offer Us as Spiritual Caregivers
Koshin Paley Ellison  

The Way of the Chaplain: A Model Based on a Buddhist Paradigm
Mikel Ryuho Monnett

III. Dharma Behind Bars: The Arts of Prison Ministry

Gary’s Story
Dean Sluyter 

Compassion Radiates through Rock
Margot Neuman, with Gary Allen

We Belong to One Another
Penny Alsop  

All My Relations
Richard Torres         

Caring for Each Other Behind Prison Walls
Nealy Zimmermann 

Buddhists Behind Bars
Terry Conrad

IV. Wielding Manjushri’s Sword: The Arts of College and Military Chaplaincy

May You Always Be a Student
Danny Fisher

Changing Our Mind, Transforming Our World
Ji Hyang Padma

Buddhist Pastoral Ministry in the Military
Thomas Dyer

V. Living with Dying: The Arts of End-of-Life Care

Spiritual Care with the Dying
Tenzin Chodron       

Community and Compassion in Care of the Dying
Joan Halifax

Awakening Kindness: End-of-Life Care in a Social Model Hospice
Randy Sunday          

Being a Compassionate Presence: The Contemplative Approach to End-of-Life Care
Kirsten Deleo

Finding Acceptance at the Heart of Things
Carlyle Coash            

A Little Nowness
Ginger Brooks

Ten Slogans to Guide Contemplative Care
Victoria Howard

VI. The Pastoral Role of the Dharma Teacher: The Arts of Ministry

Thus I Have Listened: A Reflection on Listening as Spiritual Care
Willa Miller

Wrong Speech: Knowing When It’s Best to Lie
Lin Jensen

Report from the Field: Being an American Zen Buddhist Minister
Steve Kanji Ruhl

Buddha, Dharma, and Community Ministry in the City
Rebecca O. Johnson

Family Programming in Buddhist Community
Sumi Loundon Kim

Internet Resources for Buddhist Chaplaincy and Ministry         
Selected Bibliography          
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