Robert Aitken

Mon, 08/26/2013 - 11:56 -- Kestrel Slocombe
Robert Baker Dairyu Chotan Aitken Rōshi (June 19, 1917 – August 5, 2010) was a Zen teacher in the Harada-Yasutani lineage. He co-founded the Honolulu Diamond Sangha in 1959 together with his wife. Aitken received Dharma transmission from Koun Yamada in 1985 but decided to live as a layperson. He was a social activist advocating for social justice for gays, women and Native Hawaiians throughout his life, and was one of the original founders of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship. He produced many Dharma heirs, including John Tarrant and Nelson Foster.


Zen Master Raven by Robert Aitken
Robert Aitken